Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pumpkin Picking- Oct 2014

Megha loves being outdoors and so do I. If given a choice between spending a day indoors vs outdoors, I would pick outdoors any day and I am glad to report that so does Megha.

Yesterday, 11Oct2014, Megha and I went to Springridge Farm to pick our pumpkin's (about 20  minutes drive from where we live) for Halloween. Of what fun we had! Below picture was taken at the entrance of the farm.
The pumpkins were HUGE.
There was so much to do at the farm. Megha loved sitting on the tractor. The weather was beautiful at 12 D and Megha dressed accordingly.
There were rows and rows of pumpkins and she had fun running amidst them.

After a while, she got tired and sat on one :)

Then we went to Boo-Barn. The barn was decorated based on Halloween theme and Megha didnt particularly like it as it was a little dark inside.

Next, we went on a little tractor ride around the farm (5.5) Acres. It was beautiful! We also got to walk in the corn field. She and I both loved it. We saw the corn, named the parts of a corn plant including roots and ran around for a bit. She was surprised to look at the roots. This was the first time she actually saw the roots sticking out.

After we returned from the farm, we had lunch. I bought hot-dog, apple chips and apple juice but Megha didnt eat much. She just tasted everything but loved her apple juice.

Then she was busy running around in the tunnel. It sure looked like fun.

Then we had fun playing in the hay. She jumped from one hay stack to the next with so much ease! Then she also played quite a bit on the slide made of hay stack and tunnle. I couldnt take a picture of that as I was busy watching her.

Then the petting zoo came along (also no pictures), followed by a pony ride. Pony rides are Megha's all time favourite rides. This little pony's name is Ladybug. She of course said "heee Haw" (like a cow-girl) while on the pony :)

Our last stop was to pick pumpkins. She picked the best pumpkins!

Finally, we got help from one of the employees there and loaded a BIG pumpkin in our car. Here is the picture of our home entrance after we got home. I had to roll the pumpkin from the car to the entrance as it was toooo heavy. I loved our day! I am yet to make a pie though. Oh well, maybe soon.

I will have to slowly write about everything we did in summer too. I missed writing quite as i had been a bit busy.

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