Monday, October 13, 2014

Tatha (Grand pa) really is the best...

Grand parents are known to be the most indulgent of all in any child's life (generally speaking). But my dad and mom seems to take the cake when it comes to accommodating Megha's wishes; big and small.
Not only did they buy one gift per day for Megha (she received at least 40 presents from them!), they entertained her in a way only a grand parent can :)

Megha loves being pulled on a blanket at home. When she saw something on which she can sit, she immediately wanted to be pulled when she sits on it. So her Tatha, my dad, figured out a way to convert a small thermo-coal (please pardon the spelling) block into something where she can sit on comfortably, including a pillow! They tied a couple of strings and viola! Here is the pull-thingy. They had so much fun on it. Dad pulls her all the way across the apartment floor while Megha yells "Faster Tatha...Faster" lol

Here is the close up.
Update for today: I had been having trouble putting Megha to bed since the time we returned from India. She has gotten used to me staying with her until she fell asleep and now, i am having trouble leaving her room when she is awake. Before, she had no problem going to sleep on her own. She cries for a maximum of 7 minutes and then goes to sleep.While 7 minutes may not seem long, when she is crying, it feels like eternity to me. From tomorrow onwards, I am planning on starting her bedtime routine at 7 PM itself and see if that makes any difference. 

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