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Megha's 3rd Birthday Celebrations (15th Dec 2014)

Unlike the last 2 years, the planning for Megha's birthday celebration started merely 2 weeks before. Just as well, because this time we didnt want to make it as elaborate a deal as it was the last two times (it ended up being the same which is a different story).

Theme: The theme for the party was Disney Cars. Megha loves Lightning McQueen and Mator and so, we built the theme around it. From paper plats, balloons, decor to cake, party favors and Piñata, everything was Cars.

Venue: Based on the guest list (15 kids and 20 adults), we decided hosting a party at
home is ruled out. We rented an indoor playground for 2 hours which we thought would be perfect (and it was. well, almost). It came with pre decorated room and we didnt have to worry about that part. 
Also, Anand blew some helium balloons at home. We had fun on the morning of the birthday too. They also neatly arranged the tables and chairs and each kids chair had a balloon tied to it. Outside the room was the play area where there were big slides and all sorts of play things for kids.
Entertainment: We hired entertainment, a clown, the same one from megha's first birthday. For such short time (2 hours) we maynot have needed her but having her was fun. I let the kids play around for 15 minutes and called them all inside for snacks and her magic tricks/ face painting and the balloon toy making. 

She kept the kids entertained well while the adults got a chance to grab a bite. Anand was still out waiting for the food. Megha was a little cat this time (her choice totally).

Megha's outfit was from Macy's in US (Anand's selection).

Cake: Just like the last two times, we ordered the cake from the same lady. The cake was a simple 2 layered (vanilla on the bottom and chocolate on top) with strawberry filling and butter cream frosting. The cake was also built around Cars theme.

Someone switched the lights off and most pictures didnt come out well. Oh well, we had so much fun though. And the cake was yummy! 
One more picture:

Piñata: Megha by now knows what a Pinata is as she has attended a few parties where she saw pinatas. This time, we got a Cars (Lightning McQueen) pinata. The thing was BIG! I bought 4 big bags of chocolates from Bulk Barn and it only filled half of the Car. Anand bought additional candy and we (actually Anand did) filled it up to the brim.

Kids absolutely loved it! I bought some additional bags for them to fill in their pinata.

Food: For starters, we had Samosas, lots of chips, juice, cake pops (Neeta made these),
hummus and cheese. For mains we had pizza, biryani, naan, 2 curries, salad and ice cream.

Favor Bags: Just like that last time, I have personalized each favor bag (return gift as we call it in India) based on the child's age. Each bag contained a hard bound book. 
Some of them were stories, some journals etc. The favor bag also contained an assorted bag of
candy. We made them using the candy from the same bunch as Pinata. 
The gift bag also contained a Cake Pop, which our good friend Neeta made at home from the scratch!

Everyone (with the exception of one family) showed up at the party and I couldnt have been happier. Megha received lots of blessings, lots of gifts and lots of hugs from everyone. A great day!

After returning home, we packed some food and gave to some of our friends around. The next day, the big day for Megha as its the actual day of her birthday, calls poured from all over the world. She was thrilled to say thanks to everyone and she opened all her gifts.

We put a chair near her gifts and she opened them all. We clicked several pictures and here are a few:

This is a gift from me and Anand, a piano.

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