Saturday, January 10, 2015

Things to do with a Pre-Schooler on cold days

Of late, its been too cold to step outside for more than few minutes. In the beginning of December, we still used to be able to go for walks but not any more. With a busy toddler at home, I am always looking for activities which we can do together without having to go outside. Also, my main aim these days is to cut down on the screen time. Hers and mine. That's one of the easiest ways to spend quality time together I feel. This was last weekend.

Free Painting (using water colors): There are no rules and no pictures here. No boundaries to maintain and no competetion to win. All we are aiming is to have some messy fun. And oh what fun she had! By the end of it all, there was so much paint even on her face :) Good 30 minutes spent :) A long bubble bath followed.

Snowman making: We ended up having quite a bit of snow last weekend. After shovelling it in the late afternoon, Megha and I built a snowman. Well, almost. It was way too cold and Megha wanted to eat the carrot I had kept as the snowman's nose (and she did).

Retrieving Old Toys: This was this morning. Even though the sun was bright and shining, it was still very cold to step out. So, after breakfast, Megha and I went to the basement to play for a bit. The "bit" ended up being a 2 hour playful time. We retrieved a lot of old toys which she used to play with before. Since its been a while she saw them, they were as good as new toys for her. She helped me make a shelf and we placed a few toys in it (see last picture).

One of the toys she was much delighted to find was her lantern which my mom had given it to her back in India. She even remember that Jayeesh anna (my nephew) had a similar lantern. And oh, if you are wondering why she is wearing 2 different shoes, she wanted it that way!

I also cleaned out a chair and rested a bit while Megha continued playing. I had done a few loads of laundry by then and all I wanted to do was just to rest my feet for a bit.

Later in the evening, we both were too tired to do anything and she watched a few videos while I read a little. 

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