Saturday, January 10, 2015

Valentines Day Crafts for pre-schoolers

These past few weekends have been too cold to go outside, even when fully bundled up, for more than a few minutes. So this evening after nap, Megha and I set out to make a few Valentines Day crafts (for whom, we dont know yet). May be to her dad, my parents and her friends at the daycare.

We have used what we have at home from last years valentines day supplies.

Rose petal Heart: All we need is some paper (something thicker), some glue and some synthetic rose petals. Well, I used synthetic petals but if fresh rose petals are available, we can dry them and use them I guess.
I tied a small string to the foam heart, applied some glue on it. Megha spread the glue and stuck the petals.

Glitter Hearts: We cannot get enough of glitter these days. Be it a Christmas ornament, or a hand made card, we seem to use glitter for everything. Again, I used the foam heart and Megha applied glue and glitter on it. Its drying as I type now. (Picture above)

Here are a few more crafts which we made.

The more time I spend with Megha, the more I understand what really enriches her mind. She knows what she wants and would not take anything less than what she wants. Like, this evening, she wanted to squeeze out the very last bits of glitter glue from a doodle pen. There was so little left in the pen that I thought its quite hard to squeeze that out. But Megha kept trying and trying (good for her) and then finally told me, "momma, we must get this out". I said OK and between the two of us, we managed to squeeze out the last bits and then some! She was delighted! Its a beautiful sight to behold, her accomplishments. Never give up.

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