Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jr Reddiar's Nursery

Baby's room has been ready for over a month now. It has come a very long way from being a guest room first, then as a room where everything gets 'stored' to finally being a baby's room. It has come together quite beautifully. Anand moved quite a bit of furniture around to make it more roomy. I am very happy with the results. All the baby big furniture (crib/ changing station/ glider) is from Megha's time with the exception of a few things like bouncer, art work around etc

Its an animal themed room. The colors seem a bit muted in the pictures as the paint in the room is beige but when you really walk into the room, you can feel the warmth.

Here are the pictures! This is how it looks like towards the entrance. The glider and the ottoman for perfect.

Then comes the crib...I wonder if the baby will sleep OK or he would like Megha who would rather sleep with mommy and daddy. This time I did not buy any crib bumpers etc. As such, we needed to take them away to let the air flow for Megha.

Right beside the crib is the bed where we are planning on sleeping. Baby's bouncer is right beside the bed, for now. Some books to read as well.

Here is the changing station that sits right beside the ottoman. New mattress and cover are bought and I love the Noah's arch sticker that I found. The musical mobile is from Megha's time.

one more:

Here is the entrance towards the room. It looks a bit eerie (bad lighting) in this picture but its actually quite nice in reality :)

The chest...I have put all the baby cloths in these drawers as Anand and I are using the closet for now (we made room for my parents in the master bedroom). I made a diaper cake :)

Here was Megha's room back in those baby days.

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