Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trip to Safari Niagara (Zoo)

Summer fun continues. Megha loves animals both big and small. We took her to Safari Niagara near Niagara falls last month. As is the usual scenario, I captured a picture of Megha and Anand at the entrance. We packed a small wagon too that had pillows, water, back packs etc.

She is especially fond of flamingos and was delighted to spot some soon after we entered the zoo park. She learned that Flamingo's are pink in color because of the food they eat.

There was little petting zoo where she fed the goats.

Here is another picture near the petting farm. She is always talking about visiting a farm, a barn, animals etc and she was delighted to see them in the zoo.

We saw several species of birds. We also stopped by for a while to look at the sleeping "Nala" (lioness).

Soon she was too tired to walk and ended up on her favorite spot, her dads shoulders.

Soon it was selfie time followed by lunch time!

I was a warm day and we kept hydrated. She would want my shades and hat when she is too too bored wearing her own shades and hat.

Megha and Anand also fed the Giraffe. Ooo that was scary (to me) but looked like they both had fun!

We also spotted Hippos, zebras and other animals. But by then both Megha and I were too tired to continue enjoying and we had to say good bye to animals.

As soon as we sat in the car, she wanted to know where "The Falls" were. Since we were only a few minutes away from the Niagara Falls, we went there, like the last time. Only this time, we stopped by for dinner. We had the best seats and the view to the Falls was awesome! The food was delicious; well, the starters were as we ordered cheese and salad. Cheese was out of the world.

After dinner, Megha was filled with energy and I was starting to feel more like myself again.

We took some pictures and the little love looked absolutely adorable.

Here Anand was pointing to the rainbow...

It was a wonderful wonderful day. Loved every bit of it. 

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