Friday, May 13, 2011

Gathering Information...

Like any new parent, I also started looking through various websites and blogs about little babies. Its amazing to see tons and tons of information floating all around you so much so that it can be easily over whelming. Even Hubby seems to be doing his own research about birth stars, birth dates etc. Few weeks ago he really surprised me when he expressed that he would like the baby to be named after birth star. He never really comes across as particularly religious but then again, we never had a baby before either :)

While like most moms I also bought What to Expect When you are Expecting and going through babycentre website, I have also started looking into what to do while baby is here. While some say that if we know most things before itself, its not going to be fun anymore but I guess when it comes to your own baby, the more you know the better!

Some of the websites I am now looking at are:

Caring for a Newborn:

Here is something about Baby Bonding Tips from gohnson's baby:

Here is something about Baby Sleeping Tips:

More later...

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