Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Words of Wisdom

Today, like so many days I am reminded of a few words spoken by my maternal grandmother, whom everyone in our family lovingly call as Tathi. Even though she might not have had a great formal education, she is the best teacher ever in terms of day-to-day life's little issues.

I go back to the days when my first nephew, J, was only days old. He was a very demanding baby in the sense that he never used to sleep even for 30 minutes straight. This of course used to put a lot of pressure on my sister, on my mom, on my dad, on Tathi and sometimes even me (people who attended to him in the initial weeks). Sleeplessness is something which we never learn to handle well; even after we are over 30 ourselves.
On one particularly sleepless night when J was crying non-stop, has not had his milk and is refusing to go to sleep, every one were at their wits end.

At that time Tathi said something (in very simple and plain words) which I would never forget in my life. She said, "Its our baby. If not us, who else will show patience with him and take care of him?"

Since that day onwards, whenever I am overwhelmed with something, be it work or some household chore, I ask myself, "If not me, who else will do what I need to do?". It helps me get through the chore, no matter how tired I am. I am falling back on her words almost every day these days. And trust me, waking up in the morning also feels like a chore these days.

Just wanted to log this down so that I remember how much Tathi's words help me in my day-to-day life; especially since the time we are having a baby. I think no one else can replicate the love of grand parents.

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