Friday, May 6, 2011

Questions, questions and more questions...

Being first time parents is an awesome experience but its also nerve wrecking. Everything is new and like any other parent, hubby and I had tons of questions to ask our doctor. I even made a list of all the questions to ask on my first appointment after we came to know that I am pregnant. My doctor started laughing when she had seen a long list, complete with bullet points.
Since I have another appointment this evening (which means another list of questions), I thought I will write down what I asked her in my first appointment.

  1. How exactly are trimesters calculated?
  2. When will I be referred to OBGYN?
  3. What tests would I be referred to in first trimesters?
  4. What is a carrier screening and will I be given one?
  5. Is there any cheese or any particular meat/fish I should avoid?
  6. How to avoid gestational diabetes?
  7. What should I do if I find any spotting?
  8. What is considered a reasonable amount of exercise?
  9. When is the right time to start prenatal-yoga?
  10. What should my weight chart be like?
  11. Should my foot wear be flat?
  12. Often I get uncomfortable but manageable stomach pain. Is this normal?
  13. What is the best time to have prenatal vitamins and is the dosage 2 tabs per day?
  14. Is there a way to combat extreme fatigue?
  15. Is it ok to use alcohol-based mouth wash?

P.S: Today hubby made orange juice for me. 

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