Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Fish Two Fish - Red Fish Blue Fish

Today I turn 16 weeks and 2 days. I know its waaaayyy too early to introduce rhymes to the little one. Bah! he/she has not even born yet! But many people I know told me that a happy mom = a happy baby. One of the things which make me happy (these days) is listening to rhymes; and so I started listening to them. One of my favorites is by Dr. Seuss, One Fish Two Fish. Here goes the rhyme.

One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish
Three Fish Four Fish, Old Fish New Fish
Five Fish Six Fish, Here comes more fish...

what next?

Another close favorite is:

One two three four five
Once I caught a fish alive
Six seven eight nine ten
But I let it go again
Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which one did it bite?
The little one upon the Right.

I went to my regular prenatal appointment last night. It went good. I have increased 1 KG in one month, my doctor was happy. We also heard the heart beat again. Awesome...


  1. one for you
    Sing a song of sixpence
    A pocket full of rye
    Four and twenty blackbirds
    Baked in a pie
    When the pie was opened
    The birds began to sing
    Wasnt that a dainty dish to set before a king!
    THe king was in the counting house
    Counting out his money
    The queen was in the parlor
    Eating bread and honey
    The maid was in the garden
    Hanging out the clothes
    when along came a black bird
    And pecked out her nose!!!

    HAAAAAAAAA my favorite.