Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Shower and my last day at work

I am very lucky to have not one but two baby showers! Apart from what my parents and my SIL hosted (see here), my colleagues at work also put together a wonderful baby shower at work on 07Nov2011. I was quite surprised that they actually pulled this off so well. We had a potluck and all my colleagues brought so much yummy food. I also received lots of gifts and some money to buy more gifts for our baby.

Below are a couple of pictures. I know, they are way too dark but hey, I am glad to be a part of team who cared enough to put something together for me.

 One more...
I worked until 16th Nov, 2011. I am off until Dec2012. I am so much looking forward to being at home not doing anything until the due date :) Mom also came yesterday and she has taken over cooking. Now all I got to do is relax and prepare for labor :)

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  1. Very nice gesture of your colleagues. You must be counting your blessings for being surrounded by good people all around you. We spoke to your parents when they were at mom's place. Definitely they're pretty excited. We can't wait either.... :-D