Sunday, November 13, 2011


Its finally ready! I started planning things to buy for our baby even before I fell pregnant. In fact I remember collecting a few baby items way back in college when I was working with Selfridges in England; these have been passed on to my first nephew who is 6 now.

Anyway, back to our nursery...Here are a few pictures. Anand did a fantastic job (don't you agree) in getting the right color scheme and the sticky tape which goes around the room.
Here is how it looks like when seen from the rooms entrance. Sorry, the light is dim.
My SIL has graciously passed on our nephews crib and bouncer/swing. The colors do not show up much here but we chose purple for the room color which matches the crib mattress set. Beside that is the gorgeous swing.

We got to buy the ottoman/glider which I am planning on using for rocking our kutty baby to sleep or even breastfeed. The beautiful woolen shawl was hand-knit by Anand's friends mom for our princess. It goes just perfect with the rest of the room. Here you can also see the swing set more clearly.
Inside the crib is a musical doll which my best friend sent me through the registry. When my second nephew was born about an year and a half ago, I bought the same one for him. He seems to have loved it! The music is so soothing that it will put even us to sleep :)
And here is the change station. My nephew did not take to sleeping in the crib. Lets see if I get to use this change station and the crib for our baby.
Below is a picture of our baby's shelf. Some of them are gifts from friends and family and some of them we bought. I know, I still have to organize a lot, considering I should not be filling up shelves even before our baby is here!
Her first closet; still have to wash a few cloths.
From the other end of the room...
I have no idea who these princess are! I better learn their names before my princess arrives. I better ask my best friend (whose hubby works in Disney) their names! I know one is Cinderella (got to be), Dora and Jasmine..,dont know which one is who and the last name I am missing. This sticky tape goes around the room.
Below is one of the first gifts I received from my good friend in California. Well, she actually sent me a gift card and I bought this beautiful little Baby Einstein play gym.
Lastly a place where Anand or I can rest up while watching over our baby. That's the nursing pillow that I had bought about 3 months ago.
So, do you like it??


  1. Wow.. room looks awesome. Anand did a great job.

  2. b t w .. Dora is from Nick, not disney.. i guess it must be Tina who u were thinking

  3. Unfair :(
    I also worked hard in making it awesome :(

  4. I love it!!! I like how tastefully the furniture has been arranged and how lovingly and carefully you have bought each item for the princess... God bless.

  5. Absolutely love the cozy and comfortable set up for the li'l one!!!. Great job.

  6. Thanks Dolly and Shanti! I cant wait to actually use this room :) Did I tell you, its only about 3 weeks and 2 days to go now.

  7. Glad to see, all is ready for little princes's arrival. To Mridula & Anand: Just don't worry, every thing will pass easily. Looking forward to meet my grand daughter. Wishing you both "Good Luck". God Bless you.

  8. I love this banner!
    Princesses de-mystefied below:
    Yellow Princess = Belle from Beauty and the Beast
    Green Princess = Tiana from Princess and the frog (newer Disney and super cute movie!)
    Pink Princess = Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
    Blue Princess = Cinderella (which you know)