Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hospital Tour

6th Nov, 2011 is when we went for our hospital tour. Living here means we don't have many choices of hospitals to choose since the government pays for it. Of course they must, considering we pay SOOOOO much tax every pay check.

The hospital which we chose (Milton District Hospital) is less than 15 minutes away from home and that's the main reason we chose the place. I have been there before but not to obstetrics side of it. It was small and cozy.
The only thing I noticed is that its not at all as sophisticated as I had thought it would be. I could have felt differently had I not seen the ward where my SIL delivered a baby in another hospital. But I guess we cannot expect 2 hospitals to be the same just like we cannot expect 2 babies to be the same.

One awesome thing happened there! I asked the tour guide some question and she asked us to wait outside the ward so that she can bring it and show us. It so happened that there was another lady in labor right behind the door we were waiting. I could clearly make out that she was in last stages of labor because 1. She was  moaning as if she was in great pain (which I bet she was) 2. Doc was saying, "I can see the head".

Neither Anand or I were comfortable standing there! I was really scared because that could be me in less than 6 weeks from the date!
As I was considering running away to the parking lot through back exit, we heard a tiny cry followed by babies wailing! I got tears in my eyes. Within moments I could hear the nurses and doctors shouting "congratulations". I am still getting goose bumps while narrating this. I had never really been this close to hear someone in labor AND hear the baby come!

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  1. For sure- it can make you a little( or a lot) uncomfortable with these tours; however what you end up experiencing at the end of it all is sooooooooooo just worth it. :-)