Saturday, November 26, 2011


Our Kutty baby seems to be a very active girl. Which parent wouldn't wish for a healthy, happy and an active baby? Often I go through many websites where many expectant moms are freaked out that they dont feel their baby move for long time. Their doctors advise them to count the movements every so often. Lucky for us we dont have that issue at all. Our Kutty moves like its going out of fashion! I am not kidding!

I have already been told that I should expect less kicks/movements because there is hardly any space for her move in this last stages. She doesn't kick anymore but boy she moves and pokes! Sometimes she pokes so much so that we can clearly see the shape of her feet! Sometimes she hurts me a lot by constant poking and I try to gently coax her to keep her feet to herself. Anand loves it when she pokes and he keeps asking her to poke me! Just this evening she was poking way too much and he thoroughly enjoyed it :)

We might actually call her (pet name of course) Pokemon :)

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