Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleep training part-1

Just like any other baby, Megha is having a lot of trouble getting into the crib. After rocking her for 30 mins so that she goes to deep sleep, she is still waking up in 20 mins. Poor baby, how I wish I could helP her feel safe in crib. 20 mins at a time is how her sleep training began yesterday. Today also I kept her in the crib and like clock work she woke up in 20 mins. I am hopeful that eventually she will start sleeping longer. But as of now I have decided to gently transition her into crib and not rush her. So, she is going to go in her crib only once a day until she sleeps for longer than 30 mins.

On one hand I want her to want me like she does now. On one hand I feel she will eventually have to learn to be independant and it's easier if she starts early. How I wish I didn't have to go to work in dec :(
I really can't blame her to want to be held. I am torn between holding on to her and letting her go. I think this is the first of a gazillion moments when I would feel the same way.

UPDATES: as of 26th Jan night: Perhaps you would remember from my previous post that Megha and I are content with sleeping together on the couch. It so happened tonight that I desperately needed water and there was none in the room. By then Megha was just getting up for feed. So I gently kept her on the couch, made sure she is safe and secure and went to drink water. I was expecting her to be fully awake when I returned. To my utter surprise she was not only sleeping but appeared to be in deep sleep!! I left her as is and went and sat in the glider since I was expecting her to wake up in 20 mins. She surprised me again by sleeping for 45 minutes without waking up and with out human touch!!
What's more, she was hungry when she woke and I fed her, burped her, changed her, gently rocked her to sleep and put her back the same way on the couch. As I am typing this post, it's one full hour and she has not woken up!! Is it a miracle or what?!!
P.S: Don't worry, the couch is 100% safe; she will not roll over or fall down. I made sure I tucked her is such a way to prevent any accidents.

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