Saturday, January 28, 2012

First taste of water

Just like any infant Megha is often trouble with hiccups. Our baby doesnt like them a bit! She has this very angry look on her face as if demanding to know, "whats up with these hiccups and do they stop?!"

In India people feed water to infants from day one. Here everyone (including google) suggested that its not advisable to feed water to infants before they start their solids because they might get confused between water and milk. So, until 6 weeks Megha was not given water when she had hiccups. I just fed her some milk or just rock her and comfort her until the hiccups stop.

Last night was no exception expect that Anand fed her water (water bottle cap full) to Megha when she had hiccups!! Our baby had her first taste of water on 27Jan2012. Yippie! She had a very surprised look on her face but seemed to like the taste.
Certainly a milestone according to me. God bless you baby!

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  1. congratulations madhu!.I just thought of checking you and saw this new blog of yours...

    How is life with a lovely daughter?