Friday, January 6, 2012

How to clip nails of an Infant

Any mom would be terrified the first time she has to clip her little one's nails. I was no exception; what if I cut her soft skin? what if i make the wrong move and hurt her? All sorts of nightmares started bothering me. I had done a lot of research and took advises from friends and family. Finally a nurse who came to visit Megha advised me that I should not clip infants nails but I have to file them. I was sooooo relieved to hear it! Here is what worked for me; I am writing this down, in case some mom, somewhere is in the same predicament at some time in future.

1. Give her a warm bath; this will soften her soft nails even further!
2. Feed her, burp her and put her to sleep.
3. When she is fast asleep, gently take her (one) finger in your hand and gently pull down the flesh underneath her nail. This step is important so that you file just her nail without touching her skin underneath it.
4. File her nail backwards (file outwards of her nail, you know what I mean?)
5. Make sure you are using the baby nail file which is available in the market.

This will significantly reduce the risk of accidentally hurting her tiny fingers with a clipper. I have been clipping Megha's nails and so far I am very happy with the result.

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