Thursday, October 11, 2012

A trip to Crawford Lake Park

Fall is here! I love this time of the year when the chill is just catching up in the air and the leaves are changing color. I took Megha to Crawford Lake Park in the Escarpment, conservation area in our town to get some good pictures when the leaves have not fallen yet. This is her first Fall. Some of them are here;

This one is infront of what they call as 'village' in the park.
 Since it was cold that day, they lit fire pits all over. Here, Megha is warming her hands.
 The actual lake; there is a trail which goes all around the lake. We can take strollers too but Megu was fussing already. So, we didnt go around the lake.
 She was much exited and was pulling her cap constantly. I kept putting it right back on her head.
Nice Colors eh?
Megha playing among the fallen leaves.
A long shot of the above picture
Its a shame dad couldnt make it; he was working. perhaps next year he will get to go with Megha.

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