Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dancing with the Moon-Part 2

Dancing on the moon part 2/ Final

Looks like I am a healthy baby after all; the doctors said I can 'go home' in 2 days. This is good news and bad; for one, I have to get used to something else besides this hospital room and for other, I am eager to see the 'home' they are all talking about. I sure do hope this is a permanent home.

Have I told you how I was named? Here is how: long before I was born, Maddy (mommy+daddy) decided that I would be named after the birth star I would be born under. 

"Let's see what names have we got under 'A'", said daddy.
"Angali", said mommy, "Aditi", added daddy.
"For 'B' we have got Brinda," said mommy

And likewise they had names from A-Z. According to the birth star, I was supposed to be named under M. 
Dad chose Megha and he keeps insisting that it was moms choice (maybe with all the drugs and excitement neither of them properly remember who chose it). 
Such a pretty name, I don't really care who chose it. It wasn't even there in the list of names they wrote and it wasn't even there in the list of names which grandma had brought. 

Ok, back to the present. The day I was being taken home it was snowing. Dad had a stork set up in the front yard announcing my birth and my moms momma (mommomma) had aarti ready.

"Welcome home baby", said Maddy. 
"This is the living room, this is the family room...." So on dad took me to every room.

When I was taken to my very own room, I was thrilled.

"Is this going to shrink like the old one?" I asked
No answer! 
"Hello, I am taking to you, is this going to shrink?" I repeated.

Can you believe how disappointed I was to know that I cannot be heard even in my new home? That's preposterous.

Days passed. 

"Mom, can you believe the color of Meg's poo today!!" Asked my mom over the phone. She was talking to grand ma. 

"What the hell is wrong with you woman! I am right here in the room and you are discussing the color of my poo with some one else?! Yukkky!" I screamed. She didn't understand why I screamed and gave me some milk. 

"No I don't want milk. I want you to stop discussing about me when I am in the same room." I pout.

"It's multi colored!" Mom continued.
"Hello, can't you understand that it's such an insult to simply talk about me when I can hear you. Is this the manners you are going to teach me?" I sigh.

Seriously, what can be worst than a discussion about the color of our poo? Oh, wait a minute, it's not as bad as dressing me up as a pumpkin during Halloween. 
Mom thinks its incredibly cute to dress me up as a pumpkin. 

"Pumpkin of all the things? Are you nuts? It's not helping my figure now. I am going to look fat!!" I moan

Mom isn't listening.

"It's orange, it's like being trapped in a ball. How can anyone look cute in this?" I try again in vain

Now You see, dressing up as pumpkin is worst than a discussion about poo.

Have I told you about how I started eating solids? It's kinda funny. Ok, not ha ha funny but still a little but funny.

Maddy were initially planning not to introduce salt to me. Apparently it's not good for babies; especially in cold places like Canada. 

"Just purée the food without salt Hun", dad said.
"Ya, lets try without salt. Its not good for her anyway", mom agreed.

Have you ever tasted dal or rasam rice without salt? No? Good! Don't even try!! 

"Mom, have you even tasted this before trying to feed me?" I ask
Of course she didn't taste it. I spit up right away. Did she learn a lesson? No. She tried again and I throw up again. 
She kept trying it for two full days before giving up. Then she added salt.

Phew! What a relief for both of us. 

She has this blender baby book from which she gets all the yummy recipes. Whatever happened to the old recipes from grand ma?

The other day a lady, who calls herself a friend of moms came over. First thing she did was pinch my cheeks saying they look yummy. 

"Owwww", I cried out! "You moron! Don't you know you should not pinch a baby's cheek?" I asked
Mom told her off immediately but the damage is done.

Maddy sent me to day care when I turned 7 months. It's only for 1.5 hours a day, twice a week. Not bad at all. Initially I was so scared with a few other kids but I go used to it. They are all a bit older to me and there is this one guy, Liam, he keeps taking all the toys I lay my hands on. What an idiot, there are so many other toys out there but no, he wants just the toys I want. Since I am not yet walking, I only crawl for now, and he can run...he takes my toys and run.
"Yo...I am not going to crawl forever. I will start walking soon. Count your trains, I mean toys."

Count your trains did I say? What's wrong with me? Mom should seriously not watch Big Bang Theory when I am in the same room as her. I am slowly started taking a liking to trains and perhaps physics? 

Have I told you about Jake? I have this huge crush on him. He is handsome, he is smart and guess what he is also a pirate. I met him on TV while watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates. 

When I grow up, I want to be a pirate. Maddy said I can be what ever I want to be when I grow up. I will be a great pirate ever (better than Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean) and make Maddy proud.  

So long maties. See you real soon.

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