Thursday, October 18, 2012

Orange Sun Day

Orange Sun Day? Not as catchy as Blue Moon day :(
Two significant things happened today and I wanted to make sure that I log this down.  I had been trying to teach Megha to hold her own feeding bottle for a while now. Finally she is holding her bottle! Yippie! She still is lying down when holding the bottle but it sure is a Begening.

Second significant thing is that, today I fed Megu bottle gourd sambar rice without putting it in the grinder! This has happened once before but today she ate all if it!! What's more, I fed her with my hand upon Anands suggestion and am delighted that she had it. All these days I was spoon feeding her as its quite hard to feed puree's with hand but today was different.
Am so happy :)

Why is it an Orange Sun Day? Both these things happened in the evening when the sun today was unusually orange. I told ya! Not catchy as blue moon day.

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