Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas with Megha (2012)

This is Megha's second Christmas. The first one went off in a jiffy as we had her naming ceremony on Christmas day in 2011. She was just 10 days old then.

When the tree was being set up by dad, Meg happily looked at the tree :)
For 2012, we bought a Christmas tree and we intend to buy this every year going forward. It would be something to look forward to during the festival season. We bought the Fraser Fir tree which was about 6 feet tall. We bought a few ornaments and lights to go with it. It was placed in the living room.
We placed all our Christmas gifts under the tree. Megha received quite a few!
Our darling Megha, all dressed up!
Our fire place mantle, decorated with the cards we received; It also had Megha's first Christmas stocking (which we didnt fill up, didnt know what to for that age!)
You also see (on the extreme left) the beautiful card which Megha prepared for us (mom+dad) with the help of her daycare provider, Sherry. Best gift ever!! It has her hand print on left and her picture on the right.
Below is the picture taken with Santa at Square One, a week or so before Christmas. I had a beautiful dress on for her, which unfortunately got soiled :( (and A blames me for it :()
Still, this one isnt looking bad either! How can it look bad when its on Megu? So many people persuaded her to smile, including the Santa but nothing worked! I think she was scared of Santa or just plain confused.
Below is the picture taken on Christmas, 2011, the day we had her naming ceremony and the day she turned 10 days :)
She just got ready for the ceremony.

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