Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pongal 2013 and 2012

This is Megha's second Pongal. We celebrated it on 13Jan2013 as Anand was leaving for India to attend Hema's wedding on the actual pongal day, 14th.
Anand made yummy chekkara pongal and ven-pongal. Megha had a taste of both. We prayed, broke the coconut and Meg had her taste of coconut water too.

Below is the picture taken on 13 Jan 2013 on pongal day. She is wearing an outfit (what is it called? Ghagra choli?) given by her paternal grand parents in Chennai. I took this picture when A was out for a couple of hours. He missed seeing her in this outfit.
Below is the picture taken on 14Jan2012, on Pongal day last year. How small she was!

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