Sunday, February 10, 2013

The snow storm!

As some of you know, we in GTA area got hit by a snow storm on Friday, 8th Feb, 2013. I didnt want to go to work that day and I woke up a bit late along with Megha. And then I decided that I want to go to work after all!

We got Megha ready and off we went. I roads were really bad; I really wonder why they havent been cleaned...we pay so much tax! I was probably driving at 20 kmph and it took us 20 minutes to reach Megu's daycare (and it usually takes 10 minutes).

Anand ended up cleaning the driveway and the side walk 3 times that day. Thank God for the snow blower! Finally we are getting the worth of it :) Its s shame last year we didnt have as much snow, as my mom really wanted to see some accumulation.

Here is Anand cleaning the last bits of snow off the driveway. We had to shovel as everything had become ice by then.

 Side walk
 The park
 Here is our darling! I know she loves snow as she plays outside her daycare on a few occasions  When I placed her on the snow, she started smiling :)

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