Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some favorite fruit combinations

Did I mention it before that Megha is not very fond of sweets or anything which tastes mildly sweet? She extends that slight dislike to even fruits. When I introduced solids to her, she was OK with apple sauce, pears, blueberries etc separately. But these days I have to think creatively to get her to eat some fruits. Some of the recent favorite combinations are:

Mango+ Banana
Strawberry+ Apple
Mango+ Apple
Blueberries+ yogurt+ goat cheese; recent favorite
Mango+ Avocado is her all time favorite!

Of late I have been having trouble finding sweet mangoes :( ; I also have to think a way to give her other fruits like grapes and cherries but so far she has been spitting them when offered by themselves.

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