Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We LOVE playing outside

We really do! I dont know if its because I used to take Megha out for walks everyday when she was young or if all kids love being outside, but as far as Megha goes, she can stay outside and play all day, everyday!

As I had told before, the whole of last week Megha was under the weather. Monday June, 03rd Anand had taken a day off to take care of Megha. At about 4 in the evening apparently Megha went to the kitchen and started gazing out (we have floor to ceiling glass doors). Then she came back, took her sandals and went to Anand! This is he way of saying that she wants to go out :) She is getting so communicative lately :)

Here is a picture where Megha is playing in our backyard. Please ignore the patches in grass, it got fixed over the weekend with downpour.

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