Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A proud Dad's note

By Anand: August 23rd, 2013 (taken from Facebook so I dont lose this wonderful moment!):

So, earlyer today, I kept Megha home later than her normal time to be at the day care since we had an appointment for her. As we were leaving, at the front door as I called out for her to follow me to the car, Megha walked up to the door took a look outside (it was bright sunshine and hot) and walked back in. Thought I would take this opportunity to drop off her bag in the car and come back to grab her. When I returned back to the front door, there was Megha with her cap (whose chin straps don't reach around her face anymore) on her head and was now ready to go. All I could say to her was "Yes Megha you are right. Its hot and sunny and you need your hat. Sorry I forgot to grab it"!!!!!! Have kids always been this smart or is this a trend for these young generation punks?? 

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