Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Booboo ever :(

Its been long...and I am here not to share joy but to share a sad news :(
Megha had her very first big Booboo (wound) today. She was at the daycare and at 2:45 PM her daycare provider let me know that Megha slipped, fell and hit the TV stand. Apparently she tripped over another kids leg :( I was told that she was crying a lot, lot of blood loss too as the cut was deep.

I was so flustered and worried about her that it didn't even occur to me that I should call and wake up Anand. I took a cab, left a message to Anand and rushed to see her. Took her to the doctors clinic (Anand joined us there)and thankfully, even though the cut was deep, it doesn't require a stitch...but according to the doctor, its going to leave a permanent mark which may or may not disappear with time :(

oh baby...please be careful :( :(
Here is her with a band aid (which she keeps tugging...maybe its itching her).

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