Monday, August 19, 2013

Sorry Baby :(

Last night was one of those when I was waay too tired and Megha just wouldn't settle down. I didn't play with her when she wanted to as I was trying to put her to bed and this morning I felt terrible about it :( poor baby she wanted to play :(
Wrote this for her this morning... Baby, one day I hope you forgive me :(

Last night when I was exhausted and tied down
I met your smile with a frown

You wanted to play the night away
I say, “Later”, and you look away 

You wanted to show me something to read
Wait until next day, I say, and don't heed

You wanted me to join in your rhymes
I say we already did it 20 times

I convince myself I played with you all day
Its OK now if I don't go your way

I keep thinking someday time will stall
Some day I will fulfill your dreams, big and small

But I have to remember moments will not last
You are growing up this fast

Tomorrow, when you are big
Tears in my eyes will spring

Then I will long for you to wake me
For the laughter, for our time

For the precious word "ma-ma" whispered near
For the petal-soft hands holding me dear

For the thud-thud-thud of your tiny feet
For your gentle kisses, wet and sweet

I will look back and wish for lost time with you
Then I would find you busy in challenges new

Then you will be busy, I will be free
I hope that day, you will forgive me!

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