Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Janmashtami 2013 with our beautiful Radha :)

Today we had a very small puja at home for Janmashtami. Lots of things happening back home and Anand is also away from home. It didnt make any sense to 'celebrate' per se but still wanted to do a small Puja for Megha's sake.

Here is Janmashtami last year :)

After dressing up Megha in a beautiful pattu-pavadi, I adorned her with some of her jewellery. She absolutely loved them! Specially the bangles...she kept taking them off, examine and put them back :)
 Getting her to sit for puja and stand still for pictures was such a big task! No wonder last year I had a chance to take soooo many pictures unlike this year :)
One more :)

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