Monday, May 26, 2014

Activities for 2 to 3 Year Old Toddlers

Kids around this age (generally) love stickers, activities and anything which is creative. I realized Megha loves stickers around Halloween time last time (almost at age 2) and since then, there is no stopping us. We try to do at least 1 craft a week, apart from what she makes at the daycare.

When A is working, usually megha and I go to Walmart for our weekly grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. After her nap followed by lunch, we did the below things in the past few months, starting with most recent one:

By the way, it doest include what I had shared as part of "Megha's Journey".

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon: Edible Flower Arrangement
I drew a small pot in an A4 size paper and made a flower shape using glue. I started this in the hopes that I can show her a few textures, colors of different lentils/seeds and their names. She also smelled the coriander.

Things used are Spaghetti noodles for stems, split pea lentil, sunflower seeds, coriander seeds and Orange lentils. I tried to teach her the names but mostly she played around, randomly pouring the lentils/seeds on glue.
Picture 1:

Picture 2:
Final version:

Picture 3: After the glue dried, I pasted this paper on the wall in our hallway.

Foam Shapes and Stickers:
As mentioned before, Megha loves stickers. I bought some flowers, sticky and glittery butterflies. In the last few weeks, I also bought sticky foam alphabets and numbers. She made me so proud when she identified all (well, most) alphabets and all the numbers from 1-10!
We also used glue and glitter to make lovely flowers. This is on the hallway wall. I used this for Pongal decorations (April). I started in early april and keep adding new ones and remove the old one's. As of today, these 4 are still on the wall.

Have you ever come across a toddler who doesnt like bubbles? I haven't! Anand bought this for megha a couple of weeks ago and since that day, almost every evening we 'must' play with it! Nice past-time for the whole family. Megha absolutely loves it when we three play together. This picture was taken yesterday evening. Remember, kids need supervision when playing with bubbles.

Magic Tree!
How beautiful is the age when we believe in fairies, magic and and and Santa! Here Megha made her very own magic tree. It has everything a fairy land will need. Beautiful trees, fire flies, glittery mushrooms, flowers, grass etc. She made a 3D version by sticking one sticker on top of the other! Loved it :)
Close up:

 You are my Sunshine: This craft is inspired by one of our favorite rhymes, "You are my sunshine, My only sunshine"
Here, I used an unused mirror and child-safe water color. Using your finger, gently apply the yellow water color on one tiny feet. While doing so, you may tickle if you want. I did and Megha loved it :) we had so much fun.
Gently place one leg on the mirror. turn the mirror slightly and paste the impression of the feet again. Re-apply the yellow color so that it doesnt fade. Repeat the process until the sun is full :)
Here is our Wall of Fame: After all the crafts we do, our wall is getting full. Here is the pic taken right now. Some of it is from the daycare too.

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