Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Those who know what they want!

It was last Saturday that it finally struck to me that Megha is growing up to be a very independent young lady! She had always displayed her strong like or dislikes to me from the very beginning. She has some favorite songs which she listens to over and over again. Then there are things she isn't exactly fond of, like me brushing her hair. She always made it a point to verbalize her likes and dislikes.

On last Saturday, we (Neeta, Naomi, Anand, Megha and I). One kid from the neighborhood (Harman) also joined us a few minutes later. He is a year older than Megha. They both played on the slide for a bit and Megha somehow decided that she had enough of the slides and she moved on to plucking dandelions from the grass. Harman joined her. After plucking quite a few dandelions, Megha still wanted to pluck more but Harman wanted to go on slides. When asked Megha if she would like to go on slide, she said, "no. Dandelions". Harman can go on slide if he wants but she was happy picking the flowers! It made me happy to see that she does what she likes instead of following someone who wants different things. Eventually she did go on slides but only when she wanted to.

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