Thursday, November 27, 2014

Momma's little Helper

Megha loves helping me (and Anand) since the time she turned one. The most interesting part is, the learning that happens when she is ‘playing’ this way. I have told enough number of times how she sits on the kitchen counter and watchs me cook. These days we took one step forward and I give her a measuring cup and guide her how much flour we need and she measures it before dispensing it in the bowl. Last weekend we made pancakes and she was just so awesome. Apart from mixing the batter just perfectly, she poured pan cakes with a ladle into the griddle (with close supervision of course) and with some help, she also flipped over the pancakes for it to cook on the other side!
The best part of all, since she made these pancakes, she ate all 2 of them! That never happened before.

Here is the recipe, a simple traditional one. I always follow this:

We also made brownies. She mixed all the dry ingredients. I didn’t even have to do anything! I love these weekend mornings when we hang out in the kitchen. It not only gives us the freedom to do things at our own pace, it also helps us to learn more about food, bond with each other and celebrate the success of the outcome (though we dont fret if something doesnt come out the way we had planned). Warm home, the love, laughter, the clatter of the ladles, the aromas of the still-baking-cake (any food) in the oven and the comforting thought that in the end there will be food to eat is something every child on this earth should be entitled for.

So, it’s only fitting that she has an apron of her own. Here she is in her new apron!

Here she is helping me pick mint leaves off the stalks. When she is doing that, we went through the colors, numbers (we counted leaves), tasted the mint leaf, smelled it and declared that we love mint.

When learning is made fun, it is accepted and understood much more easily. 

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