Wednesday, November 19, 2014

World of Colors

Can you imagine a world without color? I cannot! Megha had always been exposed to colors from early on. Sometimes it’s on the Crayola board, sometimes its on white paper with crayons and sometimes with water colors. Before, she used to randomly paint using her paint brush. She was not restricting herself to the outlines of a given picture.

Over the weekend, Megha and I sat down (with brownies baking the oven in the background!) to play with the water colors. She seemed very excited and asked me to draw the first one (and I did). Then she wanted to do the rest. While doing so, I gently told her to slow down to control the brush strokes so that each stroke lands within the given lines of the picture. Initially she wasn't keen on it and neither was I. The point was to have fun. But soon, she understood what I was saying and slowed down when using her paint brush. After drawing a few pictures, she got good at it! It’s a sign that my baby is growing up and can follow instructions.

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