Monday, November 24, 2014

Potty Training!

A very BIG day for us yesterday. For the first time yesterday Megha went pee pee in the toddler potty! YAY! I am so very happy and so very proud of my big girl. She never really went when i took her to the washroom or to the toddler potty from time to time. I just left her diaper free during weekends for the past 3 weekends, left the toddler potty where she can see it easily and voila! Yesterday she went all by herself! She pulled her pants down, went and sat there on the potty!

We jumped up and down, I gave her stickers and she got to blow candle twice. This evening too she went pee pee there again! I think she is very close to being trained completely. I feel so happy. I feel like throwing a big party for this. no kidding!

Here she is blowing a candle after going pee pee yesterday.

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