Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pongal 2015

We had a wonderful Pongal celebrations. We made an unexpected trip to Orlando, Florida to my friends place. Megha loved all the attention. Pongal is basically a harvest festival.

Here she is wearing a pattu-pavadi sent by her momomma (my mom). She loved her necklace, her bangles, her bindi and over all, everything about her outfit.

Here, she is getting ready for Bogi Pallu (flower shower). In Andhra, we mix some raw rice, flowers, few coins and berry fruits and shower on kids. Here is some more information on this harvest festival.

The traditional Aaarti.

Dad showering his blessing:

Bogi Pallu (flower shower). Oh she loved it so much! Friends Appu and Ramana also showered her with flowers and she could not get enough of it :)

Here is a family picture.

Here is another picture; these gaghras are from India (but of course). With BFF :P

Beautiful day.

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