Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I have taken a few weeks off from my work. I hope I will be able to concentrate on myself and the baby in the next few weeks. I had written a bunch of things to do when I am off and I hope to get to them. One day at a time.

I have some ideas for the baby room. I really want deep blue elephants and polka dots theme :)
Not sure if I can really pull this off but lets see. Still have to make cozy space for the baby, like I did for megha.

This baby sure is more active lately. He likes to move about a lot in the evenings. His movements are kicks are much more prominent than Megha. Sometimes its really bad that I cry out loud, quite literally. I have to hang in there, tell myself to hang in there, it will pass. It does pass, eventually but not without a lot of tears. At times, because of all this, I feel a little resentful. Not towards the baby but towards the pregnancy. I feel why am I the one to go through this. Why doesnt a man's life change as much; why should I get to be the one curled up in fetal position waiting for the pain to pass. Why cant I simply be. Those moments pass but not like I said, not without some resentful-ness. Then I remind myself, is this not what I wanted. Was this what I wanted?
The baby, yes. Everything else. No.

Back to the baby room. I am really excited. 

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