Thursday, June 25, 2015

Father's Day 2015 (June 21st)

Anand was not home for Father's Day this year, which fell on Sunday; so we celebrated Father's Day on 20th June itself. Megha had been very excited about this as we had been making crafts for days in advance. We had made a bear craft which said "I love you Beary much" a few weeks ago but Megha decided that she cant wait until Fathers Day to show him. So, she told him the very same day when he got home about the craft. Will update the picture later.

Megha helped me make puri and chole curry for breakfast. Original plan was to make two items but later we ended up making minion cookies for the dad. Here she is helping line up the cookies in the baking tray. She loves to help!

Here is the final product after baking.

After a quick trip the library for story time, we went to check out the trains place. It was very good. The weather was beautiful and it was good to get out of home.

Apart from being a museum, it was surrounded by woods, small ponds and all. We were able to hop off the train to explore the are a bit.

Here is Megha by the pond. There were some fish, frogs, lotus and water lilies in here.

Here she is posing...

We went around a bit in the train, stopped by to check out some spiders too.

Had hotdogs for lunch.

Here are Megha and Anand in front of the museum.

One last picture:

In the evening, Sasha, Neeta and Naomi had come to celebrate Fathers Day with us. We had some lovely food (Anand made burgers). Here is the cake cutting sessions by dad's.

Megha made the below crafts with a little help. I cut out some old greeting cards, words and letters. Took hours to do that but it was fun. When I cut out all the letters needed for a greeting card, Megha stuck them up with some glue. She decided where all the animals and flowers would go too. It was a fun craft.

Here is the very proud Megha after the craft.

We also made another craft with pebbles and stones. We first painted the rocks (she chose the colors), then let it dry out and then wrote the letters (I did). She used glue to stick them all on a plate.

Dad also got another craft, beautifully framed from the daycare provider, Sherry. Megha even signed it with her thumb :)

Over all I think it was a good day...Hope Anand enjoyed it too.

Not to forget, Anand also got a beer bucket consisting of different beers from around the world :)

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