Sunday, July 19, 2015

One more month to go for Jr A Reddiar

I am 34 weeks as of today. Since the date has been scheduled for 21st Aug at 8 AM, I know I have to prepare myself for that. With exactly a month to go from now, I started feeling a lot more nervous than before. As such, since the beginning I was a bit-off but as the days come closer I feel a lot more nervous. I guess thats all normal for everyone. I am constantly worried about so many things, financial, emotional, whether I would do OK at all etc.

We started looking into baby names, as we already know the date and time of birth. The baby nursery is also coming along very nicely. One more change to be done to the room and I will be ready to take pictures and show off to the whole world!

Health is OK. As OK as it can get when someone is at 34 weeks. I feel tired a lot and I wan to lie down all the time. I dont, rather I cannot sleep but I just want to lie down.
It takes me full 20 seconds to turn positions from left to right when sleeping!! Ha ha
Had a little scare as the first blood showed signs of gestational diabetics. But when re-did the test, it came back normal. Phew.

Baby is active. He loves it when Megha sits close to me, he is always moving around when she is sitting too close to me (in my lap i mean). She talks to the baby and she is excited about the baby. She helped Anand a little (as much as she was allowed for safety reasons) assemble the crib, helped me clean up afterwards and is already displaying a great love for her baby brother.
She was mesmerized by the musical mobile that I hung over the baby's changing station. We used that for Megha until she was about a year old. After that I had to put it away as she was able to reach the moving animals and was dragging them towards her; was afraid it will break and she will get hurt. She probably remembers the music distinctively as she heard it for several months until she was a year. She told me she will wind the mobile for her brother when we are changing his bum :)

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