Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Different ways of parenting...

I am sure every single parent under the sun have gone through what I am talking about. There are multiple ways of teaching, loving, disciplining (etc) a child. Just yesterday A and I were taking about a few baby-proofing-home things which we might consider doing for the benefit of the little one.
At the end of day, we all have nothing but the best interest of the child in our minds. So where do we draw the line when it comes to protecting a child vs letting him/her do what seems right to the child? Where does baby-proofing the home (inside AND immediate outside like backyard) start and ends? How to decide when is the right time to allow the kid to experiment and/or explore something which might potentially hurt him/her in the beginning but in the long run, perhaps its for the kid's good?

At 6 months? At 12 months? When?

How does all the new parents reach middle ground about parenting techniques? The stress...is this a common scenario amongst every new mom and dad? Is it common to doubt myself whether or not I will be a good mom?

I am feeling overwhelmed today. Is this emotional state common too and will this phase pass too?

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