Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Second Trimester Begins Today

Already 3 months have gone by and as of yesterday, 31May2011, I officially enter my second trimester. A few changes have started taking place in our lives so far. I bought maternity cloths and I just started wearing them. They feel far more comfortable than my regular trousers. I bought a few more books, as of now I have some 6 books on pregnancy and child birth :)
I believe there are a few ways of calculating trimesters and my doctor prefers to calculate it according to development stage. So today I enter 2nd trimester according to her.

1. What to expect when you are expecting
2. What to expect in the First year
3. Chicken Soup for the Expectant mom's soul
4. The little Baby Whispers
5. All you need to know about feeding...

OK, that makes it 5. I swear I bought 6 and I forgot the title of the last one! Talk about being pregnant and forgetful.

A few fun facts about the baby as of today and how its going to look this 13th week:
1. Fingerprints have formed on the tiny fingers

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