Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home Remedy for Digestion

Digestion tip!! Like its been followed by many generations, I give gripe water to Megha in evenings and on the days when she is being fussy. It is said that gripe water improves digestion.  Apart from that, my mom in law told me another tip.  Boil 1 jeera (jeerakam/cumin/ jilakara) in water, strain it and give while feeding her cereal. Since boiling 50 ml would put me at the risk of evaporating all the water, I boil 2 jeera's in 100 ml water and give that to Megha during feeding time. Yes, she does not have a problem with indigestion at all (touch wood).  Her poop was also normal. What a relief! Constipation and indigestion was what I was worried about but thank God, neither of them affected Megu.

Note: I usually boil jeera in very little bottled water and mix it with the remaining water after i boil it (that will keep the water taste intact). If you are using tap water, you can boil all of the 100 ml. 

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  1. I think Gripe water was there for many generations.