Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yummy in her lappy

Yummy in her lappy 19May2012: I am delighted to share with you all that Megha had 1 full tbsp of cereal today! And it only took me 45 mins to feed her! Wow!  On the down side, she has this habit of keeping her (index) finger in her mouth for all sorts of reasons. If she is hungry, her hand goes in; if she is sleepy, her hand goes in; if she wants to play, her hand goes in; if she is bored, her hand goes get my point?  So after I fed her, I knew for a fact that she would keep her finger in and throw out everything. So, I hurried to fill the water in her cereal bowl so that it wont dry and by the time I returned, guess what happened? That's right. Yummy in her lappy happened! He somehow decided that she will keep her finger in her mouth in the 10 secs I have gone away from her. Since its soon after eating, most of it came out. So, I am not sure if I should actually be delighted that she ate 1 full tbsp or sad that atleast half of it came out.
 (background picture! like it? Anand and I)
When my first nephew (Jayeesh) was about an year old, my sis used to feed him this. Some days at the end of it she would lightly give a little spank on his bum. I used to get upset with her saying, "I don't understand why you do that. He is a kid...sometimes kids throw up". Well, now I understand..after trying to feed him for 1 hour, if he does this, no wonder his bum gets a tiny spank(of course that's still no reason to spank).

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