Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Trip to ER :( Monday, 4th June

A day where no parent ever want to be! Megha had a little nasal congestion (cold) since 2 weeks. It was only a little bit and it was tapering off by the time we had her Annaprasanna (will post later about this). I am not sure if its because of too many people during the function or its because I gave her quarter of a ripe banana (apparently we are not supposed to give bananas to babies when they have cold). The congestion aggregated on Sunday evening and it has become so bad that we had to rush her to the emergency in the wee hours of Monday morning.

The doctor checked her lungs, ears and eyes and told us that there is no infection. Phew, what a relief. However, since she has cold, she has trouble breathing. For that the doctor didnt advise anything which we were not already doing. i.e keep giving her saline drops (nasal sea water drops), squeeze out the mucus, keep her elevated while she sleeps, apply vicks and use humidifier in the room.
By Monday evening she started getting high fever (37.8 C) and vomiting along with cold. We bought some homoeopathic medicine which didnt really work on her. We gave her Tylenol which she was vomiting. She really suffered a lot. For the very first time since she was born, she was crying so much; More so because we put saline drops for her and tried to get the mucus out.

Anand and I took turns and held her upright pretty much all night long (well Anand was with her in the night and I took over from 4 AM). I was hoping that Tuesday (Anand took a day off) would be better. It was better but only by a very teeny bit.

Today also she has fever but about 37.2 which is good compared to two days ago, occasional vomiting and persistent cold.

One of our friends brought me some Ajwain (perungaayam) and told me that I need to boil it in water and feed her...supposed to help. I am trying that tonight.
I took a picture of her lying down elevated but its so heart breaking to see her that way! I cannot post it hear and make my parents, sis and sis-in-law cry. She already lost weight and her cheeks have shrunk :(

My friend told me that every mom must have gone through what we are going through and that we will come out of it soon. I cant wait for her to be better again.

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