Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The little heart

The little heart It took so long to write about him; yes, I am talking about my nephew, Shiv Karthik. Oh what joy it was to see him!  It was 10 months since I had seen him last and he had grown up soooo much! I was joking saying that in the next couple of years he will be as tall as I am; maybe I shouldn't joke about it. Maybe it's just true :)

He started talking and one of the first words I heard from him was his wishes for Mothers day! He did me proud. His wishes were one of the first besides Megha's. He said those words soooo sweetly I just can't forget.  The day he came home (for Megu's annaprasanna) he was a little shy. Owing to the long flight he hardly came to speak with me. But the next day was a different story. He spoke so much and he also showed how a dinosaur shouts :) he also says Meeeega in the cutest way possible :)

The next day he was feeling unwell (cough); he went to the doctors but he was a brave kid. He took the medication and was playing like a toddler. He cried from time to time when he thought his mom went away leaving him alone but the moment we distract him with a toy, he was playing again.  He loved the toddler mum mum biscuits we had brought. I am glad I picked them up as he was snacking on those when the adults were indulging with a samosa.

In the evening we (anand and i) took him to a park and he played just fine!! Thought he would cry when he didn't see his mom but he played just fine. I am glad he enjoys outdoors.  Below is my FAVORITE  picture.

 I got to feed him dal rice mixed with ghee and a little samosa stuffing. Oh it was soooo yummy! Something about kids food I must say, it's just so yum! I made him (and of course for my sil and bil) banana bread the day he was leaving and he seemed to like it. When the time came for him to leave, I was feeling so sad. I wish he had stayed a little longer. But perhaps when he grows up a little, his mom wouldn't mind leaving him here with us for a couple of weeks in summer. What say Shanti?

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