Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Father's Day

This should have been posted a long time ago but somehow couldnt. Anyway, I wanted to make this day (17th June) very special for Anand and Megha and I told A that we will stay at home for the weekend and not go to cottage. He insisted we go the cottage and I didnt want to spoil the surprise for the Fathers Day. So i relented. Bah, what a bummer it was. It was raining all day and I couldnt take them out for a nice picnic I had planned. The day before we were too tired to go grocery shopping and so I couldnt even bake a cake. Megha gave her dad a beautiful card though. Since it was raining relentlessly, we did nothing but spend lots of time with Megha. Dad and daughter absolutely enjoyed that day in each others company. I think simple things bring so much joy that none of the material things match.

Below is a picture where D2 (dad and daughter) are just watching rain; Megha, cozy in her dad's lap.
Momma and Megha (M2)
I baked an Angel cake for Anand the day after, after coming home from cottage.

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