Friday, July 6, 2012

First Trip to the Cottage

We closed the cottage for the season after my parents left in Aug 2011. After that we have never been there until last month. Anand went a week before to make sure everything is in order for us to take Megha. With a little baby in hand, we have to be absolutely sure that all is safe.

After she finished her supper for the day (thursday) we set out; 17th May, 2012. That was the first longest journey Megha would be taking (3 hours). She pretty much slept through the trip there. When she did wake up at the cottage, it was a little difficult to put her back to sleep as she was a little confused looking at her surroundings. I made her bed in the guest room and she slept peacefully through out the night.

I think she was feeling a little cold or it's because of a little dust at the cottage, she started having a little nasal congestion from day 1 onwards but it wasn't bad. What did I know, that thing lasted for over a month before it went away! She is still on antibiotics for the same :(

The next day we took her out to the town (waitron) and people were so friendly the moment they looked at her. And why not, she showers everyone with her now famous smiles :)
We did end up buying the ride on lawn mover as we were spending waaaay too much to get the grass cut by others. I can see that she would want to sit in front of dad while he moves the lawn in the next couple of years (or less) :)

Of course nothing can deter us from our walks. We took her out for a long walk. She seemed to have liked the surroundings. Can you spot them both? Picture taken in the road in front of the cottage.

We had to pack all her medicines, cloths etc. it's like maintaining 2 homes at the same time.  Anand made breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Usually he cooks at the cottage. We did get to relax a LOT.  Since I has only brought a few toys, we played with Megha a lot to keep her company. She absolutely loved that!!
Below picture is taken at the park in Bedford Lake.

The trip back home was a nightmare. Anands car's A/C wasn't working and Megha was sooo upset because of that. Within 1 hour she started crying and kept on crying so much. She didn't really rest until we reached home after 3 hours. I am typing this from the cottage; yes we are back here again for a mini vacation :) I sure hope the journey back home isn't as bad as the last time :)

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