Friday, July 13, 2012

Our first ever conversation!

Well, Megha and I talk ALL the time with each other. But highly doubt if she was understanding me. On 10july2012, I changed my opinion. She very well understands exactly what everything goes on around her. How do I know? Here is how: Our bedrooms are in the upper level of our home. So, after waking up I take Megha downstairs and While walking down the stairs, I keep saying to, "Megha yebbdi cough pannom?" (how does Megha cough?), and answer, "kokku kokku kokku". She laughs when ever I do that. Anyway, on july10th, I was changing her and she coughed a little. As soon as she started, I said, "Megha yebbdi cough pannom?"...and both of us burst out laughing! I know, it's not really that funny when I actually say it out loud but it sure was when the actual thing happened. She knew why I was laughing and I know why she was laughing. I think this would surely qualify as one of our first "conversations".

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