Monday, July 1, 2013


Like I mentioned before, I had been teaching names of the animals with the help of her soft toys. Latest to the collection is a soft toy of mouse. Repeatedly telling her that its mouse by showing the toy worked wonders. She can now identify mouse along with the other animals mentioned Here.

When Anand came home from a trip, I proudly asked Megha to bring the mouse from her bin...and she did. Look at the below picture:

And Anand caught it right away! Its not a mouse, its a squirrel! DOH! a big one at that! How could I not know the difference between a squirrel and a mouse?! So embarrassing. I have been trying to undo this with Megha all evening. I told her, "Megu, this is a squirrel" but she is shaking her head :( ; as if to say that its mouse :(
The tail should have given it away :(

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