Sunday, July 7, 2013

What a Fantastic Fun-Day!

We had a great day today, Megha and I. Anand is away and i can see Megha is getting a little lonely without him. This morning I took her to her very first swimming lesson! We registered for this a while ago and am I glad we did. Saying that Megha LOVED this pool time (30 mins) would be an understatement. She was kicking her feet and hands and was so delighted that everyone around had nothing but appreciative nods for her :)

There was time for rhymes too. If you are Happy and you Know splash your hands...splash splash; and megha did splash :)
There was 10 minutes of warm water Jacuzzi time too where Megha loved playing with the water bubbles. She couldnt wait to get to the water slide :)
I wish I had a chance to get a picture but since I got in the pool along with Megha (there were 9 other children along with Megha in the pool) I couldnt get the picture.

After we came home, I gave Megha another bath, fed her lunch and she napped happily for an hour. In the evening we went to the park. the weather was cool this evening, cloudy but no rain (just started now). She played happily for an hour in the park.
 After the park, we also went on a short ride in her tricycle. Megha loved it. Over all we had a great day! We miss you Anand!
Back to work tomorrow :(
P.S: Getting her out of the swimming pool after 30 minutes was such a nightmare though. She loved it so much that she started throwing a fit when I removed her from the pool. She completely sat down and started wailing; her very first fit outdoors. I tried several times to calmly calm her down to no avail. Since she is almost half my height now, it got so hard to calm her down and pick her up. Giving her an after-bath and changing her was another nightmare. Actually I was missing Anand so much. Everyone came in as families and I was one of the very few parents who came alone. I was trying to open the locker in the family changing room and I couldnt do it with one hand (megha was in another). If I put her down for a second, I know for a fact she would run towards the pool again. Perhaps next time would be easier to tell her to calm down?
...Just like in the library these days where she no longer makes too much noise?


  1. They love the water. both my boys do too... tantrums are part of the deal cos they dont want to get out! its way too much fun... a snack of choice from the vending machine or my bag is often a fuss-less way to get em out.

  2. That's a wonderful idea! Thanks R.